Youth Services Program

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St. John Ambulance’s Youth Services Program is a structured health-oriented program that provides young people with opportunities for social, educational and personal development, through training, community service opportunities, leisure activities, and participation at special events.

The Youth Services Program evolves to meet the maturing needs of its participants. Activities range from health oriented learning (ages 6-10), community involvement (ages 11-15), advanced first aid training (ages 16+), to leadership development (ages 18+). The opportunities grow with the members.

Requirements are different depending on the age of the participant, but everyone under 18 years old must have written consent from their parent or guardian to partake in the program. For more information or to enroll your child, contact our branch(

Contact Us

St. John Ambulance Leeds, Grenville & Lanark Branch
St. John House
23 Abbott St,
Brockville, Ontario K6V 4A5


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