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St. John Ambulance knows there are few things in life that inspire as much joy in people as a wet nose and a wagging tail. Research has shown that visits from Therapy Dogs help people recovery more quickly from surgery, and strokes; and can reduce feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety associated with an illness. The unconditional love of a Therapy Dog can also assist with prescribed therapy and lowering blood pressure.

That’s why for nearly two decades St. John Ambulance has been proud to provide the Therapy Dog Program. The Therapy Dog Program has well behaved canine ambassadors and their handlers visit people in hospitals, special needs programs or in long-term care facilities.

Each of the dogs in our program is carefully evaluated to ensure the best temperament for the task. There is no size restriction for participating canines. Note: since the passing of Bill 132 we are no longer able to accept Pit Bull applicants in Ontario.

Think you’ve got what it takes?
We’re always looking for hardworking and enthusiastic people to join our community services units. If you are at least 18 years old, own a dog, and are interested in brightening a person’s day, we would love to talk to you. Contact our Branch Manager Deborah Coligan ( to learn about our Therapy Dog volunteer opportunities, and come see if St. John Ambulance is the place for you and your dog!

Contact Us

St. John Ambulance Leeds, Grenville & Lanark Branch
St. John House
23 Abbott St,
Brockville, Ontario K6V 4A5


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